Tattoo Guy

Not so hairy guy but thought I had to share. the tattoo on the chest reads "La Vie en Rose". Must be a trend writing these things on the chest since Robbie Williams became famous and people started to over do the famous "Chaqun a son gout".

Gianluigi for Menatplay

Gianluigi before going back to homeland was a gay escort in London for an escort agency called Boys and Boys. Now in his Italian home he was spotted by Menatplay, the british porn studio to make one of the most antecipated movies to record. Menatplay has already discovered Alex Marte, Ben Brown and Paddy O’Brian but Gianluigi is really one of a kind. You should see this movie of Gianluigi for menatplay to know what I am talking about.

Barack From NY

This one I found browsing the escort website Rentboy, Just tell me what you think...
you can see his profile

two guys just to start, found these on JUST HAIRY GUYS and I'll be visiting more often, too many pics of hot hairy guys, some action but in essence quality material.